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Name: Nike
Type: Power
Class: Buffalo
Job: Fighter
Reason for coming to Caballa Island: Nike is a professional fighter who would challenge and fight anybody. He unknowingly competes in an illegal fight and seriously injures his opponent in a win, but only finds out about it after he was cheated off his prize money by his manager. Nike comes to Caballa Island to make money to take care of his injured opponent and his family.
Gameplay: The Buffalo is the male counterpart of the Power Type. The Buffalo uses Sword type weapons for melee damage and Attack Power (AP) to strengthen its attacks. The Buffalo has a large variety of multiple-target attack skills, along with some other single-target attacks. The Buffalo can also use Elemental Attributes to power up some of his skills.


Hair Dye

Basic Colors - Default colors (available at Character Creation)

Buffalo Hair Dye 2,700 pts

Buffalo Hair Dye.gif
Fighter Basic Hair.gif
Professional Colors

Nature Coloring 2,700 pts

Nature Coloring.png
Fighter Professional Hair.gif


Schoolgirl's skills
Armor Breaker.jpg30Armor Breaker
Bull's Eye.jpg10Bull's Eye
Burning Rave.jpg20Burning Rave
Hyper Beat.jpg45Hyper Beat
Luck Breaker.jpg20Luck Breaker
Pumping Heart.jpg25Pumping Heart
Sense Breaker.jpg20Sense Breaker
Steel Punch.jpg0Steel Punch
Tornado Bomb.jpg50Tornado Bomb
Upper Smash.jpg40Upper Smash

Job Tree

Power Type - Buffalo
1st job2nd jobpure 3rd jobhybrid 3rd job
Fighter Warrior Gladiator Mercenary
Skills Skills Skills Skills


Warrior Kei - Buffalo 2nd Job Quest
Warrior Kei.gif
NPC: Warrior Kei Location: Relics Town - Azteca
Base XP: 1,000,000 TM XP: 12,000,000
Request: Growth Badge, 3x 100k Galder Check
Quest Cycles: 1x Condition: Level 60+ and TM level 50+
Cycle 1: Sign of Fighting Spirit
Notes: Warrior Kei can be found at Room of Job Administrator 1 too (located in Garden of Skill Master (Megalopolis)).
Growtd Badge is dropped by Kaboom (Lv. 60) located in Caballa Relics Dungeon 4 and 100k Galder Check is bought from Andrew for 105,000 Galders.
After advancing, your Buffalo's sprite art will change to their new job look, and your Buffalo is now able to wear Capes. At any time you can revert to your first job look (Fighter) by paying 50,000 Galders to Louis Bitton, and 50,000 Galders again to change back to second job look (Warrior).