Trickster is split up into four different types, each type with their own abilities depending on the character you choose. These types are as followed:


Power-Type: Buffalo/Bunny/Polar Bear


Sense-Type: Lion/Fox


Magic-Type: Dragon/Sheep


Charm-Type: Raccoon/Cat


Power types are exactly as they sound; they focus on physical attacks. These melee classes often use close-range skills and focuses mainly on the stats AP (Attack Power) which increases general attack power, AC (Accuracy) which increases accuracy when attacking, and DX (Dexterity)which grants faster attacks - the lower the DX, the faster the attacks will be.


Sense types focus on the gun skill and throwing skill as their main modes of attack. These classes are known for having high WT (Weight) allowing them to carry more items, DA (Detect Ability) which makes it easy to detect items underground for the drill skill and additionally compounding, and LK (Luck)which contributes to your chances of critical hits and mature compounding.


Magic types focus on elemental magic and light and dark magic. These classes use staffs and wands and are known for having MP (Magic Points) which increases the character's maximum mana, MA (magic attack) which increases magic type skills (Note: doesn't apply to power-type skills), and MD (Magical Defense) which increases defense against magic attacks.

Charm Types

Charm types are essentially the tanks of the other types. These classes excel in HP (Hit Points) which increases character's maximum hit points, DP (Defense Points) which increases defense against physical attacks, and HV (Hit evasion) which increases the chance of evading an attack. They also have the ability to transform to raise multiple stats.

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