PlayTrickster Wikia
PlayTrickster Wikia

PlayTrickster has plenty of fashion to choose from. Customize your character to your liking! Fashion is obtained in many ways. The most common/easiest way to obtain fashion is through "MyShop". (Shortcut 'Y') You may buy them in a bundle or each piece seperately on the "WebShop". (You can find the WebShop on the PlayTrickster website) MyShop points are obtained through the donation  page. Alternately, you can try your luck at the Carved Wooden Boxes. Each box holds a different piece of fashion, so be sure to check out the contents before buying!

Pink Hoodie.gif
Pink Hoodie
Yellow Sports T-Shirt.gif
Yellow Hoodie
Lime Hoodie.gif
Lime Hoodie
Sky Blue Hoodie.gif
Sky Blue Hoodie
White Hoodie.gif
White Hoodie
Black Hoodie.gif
Black Hoodie
Pink Pouch Glove.gif
Pink Gloves
Orange Gloves.gif
Orange Gloves
Green Gloves.gif
Green Gloves
Purple Gloves.gif
Customised Purple Gloves
White Gloves.gif
White Gloves
Black Gloves.gif
Black Gloves
Crimson Plitz Skirt.gif
Crimson Pleated Skirt
Orange Skirt.gif
Orange Skort
Yellow Skirt.gif
Yellow Skort
Purple Skirt.gif
Purple Skort
White Wrinkle Skirt.gif
White Wrinkle Skirt
Black Fritz Skirt.gif
Black Pleated Skirt
Ivory Shoes.gif
Ivory Shoes
Yellow Sneakers.gif
Yellow Sneakers
Olive Shoes.gif
Olive Shoes
Blue Sneakers.gif
Blue Sneakers
White Shoes.gif
White Shoes
Black Sneakers.gif
Black Sneakers
Purple Backpack.gif
Purple Backpack
Brown Mini-Bag.gif
Brown Mini-Bag
Olive Mini-Bag.gif
Olive Mini-Bag
Steel-Blue Sack.gif
Steel-Blue Bag
White Mini-Bag.gif
White Mini-Bag
Black Backpack.gif
Black Backpack