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Hat Group Quest/Event

In Game Quest/Event Hat
Icon Name Used in
Novice Helmet.gif
Novice Helmet Novice Helmet
Trendy Steel Helmet.gif
Novice Helmet Novice Helmet
Thorn Protector.gif
Thorn Protector Thorn Protector
Angel's Hat.gif
Angel's Hat Angel's Hat
Cutesy Duck Cap.gif
Cutesy Duck Cap Cutesy Duck Cap
Safety Helmet.gif
Safety Helmet Safety Helmet
Rose-of-Sharon Hat.gif
Rose-of-Sharon Hat Rose-of-Sharon Hat
Oops Helmet.gif
Oops Helmet Oops Helmet , Oops Helmet S , Oops Helmet Neo
Caballa Crest.gif
Caballa Crest Caballa Crest , Caballa Crest S ,

Caballa Crest Neo

Shocking Flash Hood.gif
Shocking Flash Hood Shocking Flash Hood
Techichi Crown.gif
Techichi Crown Crying Thunder Crown , Techichi Crown S , Techichi Crown Neo
Sant's Hat.gif
Santa's Hat Santa's Hat
Halloween Witch Hat.gif
Halloween Witch Hat Halloween Witch Hat
Candy Wig.gif
Candy Wig Candy Wig , Lydia Party Wig 40 , Lydia Party Wig 100
Spirit Helm.gif
Spirit Helm Spirit Helm
Crimson Helm.gif
Crimson Helm Crimson Helm
GM Helmet.gif
GM Helmet GM Chaos' Helmet , GM Mobius' Helmet
Tapasco Hat.gif
Tapasco Hat Tapasco Hat (old) , Tapasco Hat
Ghost Hat.gif
Ghost Hat Nora Hat , Ghost Hat , Ghost Hat S , Ghost Hat Neo
Rose Defense Cap.gif
Rose Defense Cap Rosetta's Safe Hat , Rose Defense Cap , Rose Defense Cap S , Rose's Self-Defense Hat Neo
Swamp Hat.gif
Swamp Hat Expedition Hat , Swamp Hat , Swamp Hat S , Swamp's Hat Neo
Freesia Hat.gif
Freesia Hat Freesia Hat
Possessed Helmet.gif
Possessed Helmet Possessed Helmet
Rookie Hat.gif
Rookie Hat Rookie Hat
Octo Hat.gif
Octo Hat Octo Hat , Octo Hat S
Luxurious Witch's Hat.gif
Luxurious Witch's Hat Luxurious Witch's Hat
Tricky Hairband.gif
Tricky Hairband Trick Horn Hair Band , Tricky Hairband
Treat Pumpkin Hat.gif
Treat Pumpkin Hat Treat Pumpkin Hat , Treat Pumpkin On-Top
Almond Hat.gif
Almond Hat Almond Hat
Strawberry Hat.gif
Strawberry Hat Strawberry Hat
Melon Hat.gif
Melon Hat Melon Hat
Kagami Mochi.gif
Kagami Mochi Kagami Mochi
Young Hawk.gif
Young Hawk Young Hawk
Black Angel's Headband.gif
Black Angel's Headband Black Angel's Headband , Black Angel's Bonnet , Dark Angel's Headband , Dark Angel's Bonnet
Gold Father Hat.gif
Gold Father Hat Gold Father Hat
Mr. Drill's Cone Hat.gif
Mr. Drill's Cone Hat Mr. Drill's Cone Hat , Mr. Drill's Cone Hat 100
Mr. Drill's Hairband.gif
Mr. Drill's Hairband Mr. Drill's Hairband , Mr. Drill's Hairband 100
Black Dragon Helmet.gif
Black Dragon Helmet Black Dragon Helmet
White Dragon Helmet.gif
White Dragon Helmet White Dragon Helmet
Blue Dragon Helmet.gif
Blue Dragon Helmet Blue Dragon Helmet
Red Dragon Helmet.gif
Red Dragon Helmet Red Dragon Helmet
Green Dragon Helmet.gif
Green Dragon Helmet Green Dragon Helmet
Pink Dragon Helmet.gif
Pink Dragon Helmet Pink Dragon Helmet
Gold Dragon Helmet.gif
Gold Dragon Helmet Gold Dragon Helmet
Yellow Candy Hat.gif
Yellow Candy Hat Yellow Candy Hat , Sweet Pumpkin Candy
Blue Candy Hat.gif
Blue Candy Hat Blue Candy Hat
Red Candy Hat.gif
Red Candy Hat Red Candy Hat , Sweet Apple Candy
Cherry Blossom Hair Accessory.gif
Cherry Blossom Hair Accessory Cherry Blossom Hair Accessory
Cherry Blossom Bunch Accessory.gif
Cherry Blossom Bunch Accessory Cherry Blossom Bunch Accessory
Celebration Cone.gif
Celebration Cone Celebration Cone
Ginseng Hair Piece.gif
Ginseng Hair Piece Ginseng Hair Piece
Ginseng Hat.gif
Ginseng Hat Ginseng Hat
Funny Band.gif
Funny Band Funny Band , Music Festival Star Headband 30 , Music Festival Star Headband 60 , Music Festival Star Headband 100
Mermaid's Hairpin.gif
Mermaid's Hairpin Mermaid-Ear Hair Pin , Mermaid's Hairpin , Mermaid's Hairpin S , Mermaid's Hairpin Neo
Angel's Ring.gif
Angel's Ring Angel Ring , Glory Angel Ring , Light Angel Ring , Holy Angel Ring , Hope Angel Ring , Sky Angel Ring
Solar Helmet.gif
Solar Helmet Solar Helmet , Solar Helmet Jr.
Mirage Helm.gif
Mirage Helm Mirage Helm
Anniversary Hairband.gif
Anniversary Hairband Anniversary Hairband , Anniversary Hairband EX
Nocturnal Hat.gif
Nocturnal Hat Nocturnal Hat
World Helmet.gif
World Helmet World Helmet
Adventure Hat.gif
Adventure Hat Adventure Hat
Humorous Hat.gif
Humorous Hat Humorous Hat
Affection Hat.gif
Affection Hat Affection Hat
Happy Hat.gif
Happy Hat Happy Hat
Cherry Blossom Tuque.gif
Cherry Blossom Tuque Cherry Blossom Tuque
Sunny Hat.gif
Sunny Hat Sunny Hat
Festival Hat.gif
Festival Hat Festival Hat
Ghost Blue Collectable Parasol.gif
Ghost Blue Collectable Parasol Ghost Blue Collectable Parasol
Silver Light Helm.gif
Silver Light Helm Silver Light Helm
Summer Love Hat.gif
Summer Love Hat Summer Love Hat
Poppuri Mask.gif
Poppuri Mask Poppuri Mask
Snow Hill Helm.gif
Snow Hill Helm Snow Hill Helm , Snow Hill Helm S , Snow Hill Helm Neo
Snowflake Earmuffs.gif
Snowflake Earmuffs
Dream Hat.gif
Dream Hat
Love's Joy.gif
Love's Joy
Inferno Helm.gif
Inferno Helm
Sweet Hat.gif
Sweet Hat
Requiem Circlet.gif
Requiem Circlet
Cap'n Marky Tricorn.gif
Cap'n Marky Tricorn
Sakura Hairpin.gif
Sakura Hairpin
Karu Hat.gif
Karu Hat
Vase Hat.gif
Vase Hat
Yanagi Bowler.gif
Yanagi Bowler
Gourd Bottle.gif
Gourd Bottle
Gaia Helm.gif
Gaia Helm
Helm of Light.gif
Helm of Light
Lycan Pink Hat.gif
Lycan Pink Hat
Don Cavalier's Mask.gif
Don Cavalier's Mask
Lycan's Blue Hat.gif
Lycan's Blue Hat
Forever Katusa.gif
Forever Katusa
All Hallow's Circlet.gif
All Hallow's Circlet
Heorot Family Helm.gif
Heorot Family Helm
Fall Mushroom Toque.gif
Fall Mushroom Toque
Tsunami Helm.gif
Tsunami Helm
White Rudolph Hat.gif
White Rudolph Hat
Shrimp Hairpin.gif
Shrimp Hairpin
Shabu Shabu Hat.gif
Shabu Shabu Hat
Black Rose Katusa.gif
Black Rose Katusa
Dice Hair Clip.gif
Dice Hair Clip
Driller Pointy Ear.gif
Driller Pointy Ear
Sat Ears.gif
Sat Ears
Rascal's Hat.gif
Rascal's Hat
Koi Helm.gif
Koi Helm
Pink Mini Wedding Veil.gif
Pink Mini Wedding Veil
Blue Mini Wedding Veil.gif
Blue Mini Wedding veil
Artist's Hat.gif
Artist's Hat
Weber Headgear.gif
Weber Headgear
Corona di Catene.gif
Corona di Catene
LOVE Hairband.gif
LOVE Hairband
Demon Slayer's Hat.gif
Demon Slayer's Hat
Scared Hairclip.gif
Scared Hairclip
Tribal Headdress.gif
Tribal Headdress
Moon Bunny Hat.gif
Moon Bunny Hat
G-Clef Headset.gif
G-Clef Headset
Apprentice Witch Hat.gif
Apprentice Witch Hat
Witch's Hat.gif
Witch's Hat
Strawberry Choco Hat.gif
Strawberry Choco Hat
Christmas Deco-Hat.gif
Christmas Deco-Hat
Morte Helm.gif
Morte Helm
Hodori Hat.gif
Hodori Hat
Royal Rose Muffin.gif
Royal Rose Muffin
Beret of Love and Peace.gif
Beret of Love and Peace
Poppuri Hunter Headdress.gif
Poppuri Hunter Headdress
5th Anniversary Circlet.gif
5th Anniversary Circlet
Nick's Lucky Hat.gif
Nick's Lucky Hat
Dorothy Snow Headband.gif
Dorothy Snow Headband
Feast Crown.gif
Feast Crown
June's Hairpin.gif
June's Hairpin
Aquarius Circlet.gif
Aquarius Circlet
Etoile Magician Hat.gif
Etoile Magician Hat
Skull Hat.gif
Skull Hat
Mosquito Coil Headband.gif
Mosquito Coil Headband
Poppuri's Mane.gif
Poppuri's Mane
Nereus Hairband.gif
Nereus Hairband
Moon Night Tiara.gif
Moon Night Tiara
Goggle Helmet.gif
Goggle Helmet
Supporter's Guild Hat.gif
Supporter's Guild Hat
Star Sweet Hat.gif
Star Sweet Hat
Pumpkin Monster Headband.gif
Pumpkin Monster Headband
Christmas Accessory Pin.gif
Christmas Accessory Pin
Bronze Warrior's Helmet.gif
Bronze Warrior's Helmet
Choco Cake Hat.gif
Choco Cake Hat
Sweet Heart Earmuffs.gif
Sweet Heart Earmuffs
Carnevale Hat.gif
Carnevale Hat
2 Tiered Cake Hat.gif
2 Tiered Cake Hat
Tempest Circlet.gif
Tempest Circlet
Little Evil Spirit Hat.gif
Little Evil Spirit Hat
Jasmine Hair Pin.gif
Jasmine Hair Pin
Poppuri GM Hairclip.gif
Poppuri GM Hairclip
White Darkness Helm.gif
White Darkness Helm
Spider Ribbon.gif
Spider Ribbon
Frankenstein Hat.gif
Frankenstein Hat
Canna Headband.gif
Canna Headband
Rudolph's Ear Muffs.gif
Rudolph's Ear Muffs
Flower Blooming in Ashes.gif
Flower Blooming in Ashes
Camp Hat.gif
Camp Hat
Heart Hat.gif
Heart Hat
Thomas' Valentine Hat.gif
Thomas' Valentine Hat
6th Anniversary Hat.gif
6th Anniversary Hat
Poppurisia Hat.gif
Poppurisia Hat
Lifeguard Bean Costume Mask.gif
Lifeguard Bean Costume Mask
Mermaid Babe Costume Mask.gif
Mermaid Babe Costume Mask
Fast-Track Rose Hairpin.gif
Fast-Track Rose Hairpin
Green Sprout Straw Hat.gif
Green Sprout Straw Hat
Boiled Octopus Hat.gif
Boiled Octopus Hat
Penguin Shampoo Hat.gif
Penguin Shampoo Hat
Washbowl Hat.gif
Washbowl Hat
Spa Towel Hat.gif
Spa Towel Hat
Spa Employee Hat.gif
Spa Employee Hat
Blue Butterfly Hairclip.gif
Blue Butterfly Hairclip
Vampire Hat.gif
Vampire Hat
Cozy Hat.gif
Cozy Hat
Chilly Hat.gif
Chilly Hat

Hat Group Myshop/Boxes

In Game Myshop/Boxes Hat
Icon Name Used in

Hat Group Gacha

In Game Gacha Hat
Icon Name Used in

Hat Group Unique/Absolute

In Game Unique/Absolute Hat
Icon Name Used in
Shining Crystal Helmet.gif
Shining Crystal Helmet Shining Crystal Helmet
Fallen Watcher Helm.gif
Fallen Watcher Helm Fallen Watcher Helm
Pharaoh Hat.gif
Pharaoh Hat Pharaoh Hat
Guardian's Soul Helm.gif
Guardian's Soul Helm Guardian's Soul Helm
Dread Pirate Hat.gif
Dread Pirate Hat Dread Pirate Hat
Ebon Admiral's Hat.gif
Ebon Admiral's Hat Ebon Admiral's Hat
Mark of the Vampire.gif
Mark of the Vampire Mark of the Vampire
Tenter Lion Mane.gif
Tenter Lion Mane Tenter Lion Mane
Ice Diadem.gif
Ice Diadem Ice Diadem
Dark Night.gif
??? ???
Beast Helmet.gif
??? ???
Gray Ash Helm.gif
Gray Ash Helm Gray Ash Helm
Draconic Circlet.gif
Draconic Circlet Draconic Circlet
Kronos Helmet Mini.png
Koiosu Helmet Koiosu Helmet
Kronos Helmet Mini.png
Kronos Helmet Kronos Helmet

Hat Group In Game

In Game Hat
Icon Name Used in