Iron Box 230
Nadia's Iron Set 230
Nadia's Iron Head Gear Nadia's Iron Blade Nadia's Iron Gun Nadia's Iron Shield Nadia's Ironweave Cape Nadia's Heart of Iron Nadia`s Iron Mask Iron Nadia
Hat Weapon
Elec A
Gun Shield
Elec A
Cape Accessory Mask Pet

Rare voce box

Rare voce box
Level 23010
A box of heavy metal. Inside awaits Iron Nadia or one of her many useful items.
Double click to open.
How to Obtain
Buy in Myshop for 4,800 pts.
Contents (one of these)
Nadia's Iron Head Gear 230 , Nadia's Iron Blade 230 , Nadia's Iron Gun 230 , Nadia's Iron Shield 230 , Nadia's Ironweave Cape 230 , Nadia's Heart of Iron 230 , Iron Nadia 230
TradableBankableDroppableSellable (to NPC)
Notes:The mask is not from this box.
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