The Bunny is the female counterpart of the Power Type. The Bunny uses Sword type weapons for melee damage and Attack Power (AP) to strengthen its attacks. The Bunny specializes in powerful one-to-one attack skills but also offers other useful skills that allow the Bunny to move around the field quickly and even the ability to block other melee attacks.

A cute and tomboyish schoolgirl, she was a member of her high school boxing club, and still wears a pair of regulation gloves here on the island.
Reason for coming to Caballa Island:
The schoolgirl Niea is an all-around athlete who has never lost in any kind of athletic competition. While she was getting bored with her usual excellence in ordinary sports, she was offered a chance to save the boxing club of her school. Niea soon sets her goal of obtaining the Junior Championship. While training, she sees the one and only boxing glove made of mammoth leather in an auction and comes to Caballa Island to earn money to buy her treasure.


Bunny Jump Bunny fight

Hair Dye

Bunny Hair Dye
1,400 Points
Bunny Hair Dye

Schoolgirl Basic Hair

Pearl Dye Coloring
2,700 Points
Two Tone Coloring

Schoolgirl Professional Hair


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Job Tree

Power Type - Bunny
1st job2nd job3rd job (Pure)3rd job (Hybrid)
SchoolgirlBoxer Champion Duelist


 Boxer Jeanne - Bunny 2nd Job Quest
Boxer Jeanne auto
 NPC:Boxer JeanneLocation:Relics Town - Azteca
 Base XP:1,000,000TM XP:12,000,000
 Request:Growth Badge, 3x 100k Galder Check
 Quest Cycles:1xCondition:Level 60+ and TM Level 50+
 Cycle 1:Sign of Fighting Spirit
 Notes: Boxer Jeanne can be found at Room of Job Administrator 1 too (located in Garden of Skill Master (Megalopolis)).
Growth Badge is dropped by Kaboom (Lv. 60) located in Caballa Relics Dungeon 4 and 100k Galder Check is bought from Andrew for 105,000 Galders.

After advancing, your Bunny's sprite art will change to their new job look, and your Bunny is now able to wear Capes. At any time you can revert to your first job look (Schoolgirl) by paying 50,000 Galders to Louis Bitton, and 50,000 Galders again to change back to second job look (Boxer).


Schoolgirl's skills
Armor Breaker30Armor Breaker
Bull's Eye10Bull's Eye
Burning Rave20Burning Rave
Hyper Beat45Hyper Beat
Luck Breaker20Luck Breaker
Pumping Heart25Pumping Heart
Sense Breaker20Sense Breaker
Steel Punch0Steel Punch
Tornado Bomb50Tornado Bomb
Upper Smash40Upper Smash

See also Bunny Skills.

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