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Name: Mico
Type: Magic
Class: Sheep
Job: Librarian
Reason for coming to Caballa Island: As a librarian, Mico has deep knowledge on just about everything in the world. One day, she finds a book that isn't part of the library collection. Mico realizes that the book is about ancient wizardry and learns the tricks of witchcraft. Shortly after, she learns of the news regarding Trickster and Caballa Island and sees it as an opportunity to raise money to build her own library, her life-long dream.

Gameplay: The sheep is the female counter-part of the magic type. She uses ranged attacks to deal magic damage through magic ability (MA). She offers powerful AoEs focusing on Elemental Magic and also healing abilities. The sheep is dressed in frilly, cute clothing and has sheep-like curly hair.


Hair Dye

Sheep Hair Dye

2,700 Points

Librarian Basic Hair.gif

Pearl Dye Coloring

2,700 Points

Librarian Premium Hair.gif

Job Tree

Magic Type - Sheep
Soul Master.gif
1st Job 2nd Job 3rd Job (Pure) 3rd Job (Hybrid)
Librarian Bard Soul Master Witch


(See also: Magic skills)

Mana Arrow.gif
Mana Arrow
Invincible Casting.gif
Invincible Casting
Aura of Mana.gif
Aura of Mana
Bottle of Mana.gif
Bottle of Mana
Mana Web.gif
Mana Web
Mana Ring.gif
Mana Ring
Mana Shield.gif
Mana Shield
Mana Storm.gif
Mana Storm
Mist of Mana.gif
Mist of Mana
Arrow Rush.gif
Arrow Rush
Mana Ring Booster.gif
Mana Ring Booster